Welcome to Defend the Diamond!

To those who have followed Defend the Diamond on Instagram, thank you! If you’re new to Defend the Diamond, welcome! I’ve dedicated this space to sharing my passion for infield defense. If you’re a player, coach, parent, or a baseball fanatic, Defend the Diamond is for you. My commitment is to educate those hungry for knowledge on the infield defense side of the game.

Growing up, I was taught a certain way of fielding and had enough success that I was fortunate to continue my playing career in college. That’s where the way I had always played infield changed. There was a philosophical difference in the way I played and the way I was being asked to play. Wanting to be coachable, I changed the way I performed and consequently I didn’t have the college career I knew I was capable of defensively. It wasn’t until years after my college career was over that I became a true student of the game. In my quest for knowledge, I stumbled across a few very reliable sources that reaffirmed that the way I thought infield should be played was the way I was brought up playing. This is the first time it hit me that there isn’t just one way to play this game. This revelation sparked a passion inside of me to question what I thought I knew, research some of the best minds in the game, rethink my own baseball values, and establish/refine my own thoughts. I place no blame anywhere but on myself for my college career that didn’t turn out as I envisioned. I so wish that I had the maturity and knowledge to stay true to how I believed infield play should be played, but at the same time, be a better student of the game to look for ways to improve.

After years of devoting myself to being a student of the game, I started Defend the Diamond on January 25, 2018 with a drive to educate others. I strive to keep an open mind when learning and I hope that comes across when I teach/post content about infield defense. I understand that some may disagree with my beliefs, but I encourage everyone to always keep an open mind.

The game of baseball is very dynamic. Baseball places an endless number of demands on infielders. It’s my belief that an infielder should be ready for any given situation and not pigeon-hole themselves with singular beliefs in how the game should be played. This is where my #infielderstoolbox comes into play. Expand your toolbox so you can use whichever tool the situation demands. Check back often to expand your toolbox!

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