Hands Routine

This time of year is known for its resolutions. With those resolutions often comes new routines. Routines allow your resolution to become your new normal so they’re a consistent part of your life. The same can be said for your routines on the baseball field. As an infielder, having a hands routine and completing your … More Hands Routine

Understanding Glove Actions: the Push Thru and the Funnel

Without a doubt the most debated topic in infield play is the question, “Do you funnel or push thru?” There are strong proponents on both sides. This is the political affiliation equivalent of baseball defense. Before I give you my thoughts, lets define the terms funnel and push thru so we’re all on the same … More Understanding Glove Actions: the Push Thru and the Funnel

Glove Presentation

Glove presentation is the positioning of our glove as we field the ball. It might seem like a small detail in the act of fielding a baseball but usually the small details tend to have the greatest impact on the bigger picture. Don’t have a blind glove! A common mistake that tends to throw off … More Glove Presentation