On Field Communication Intricacies

Communication is the key to any relationship.  Clear communication prevents some conflict, builds trust, provides direction, and ensures clarity.  This applies to your relationships on the field.  It’s imperative for teammates to communicate effectively verbally and non-verbally before, during, and after each pitch.   From an infielder’s perspective, there are more obvious ways we communicate than … More On Field Communication Intricacies

Relay Rules

Any time there’s a ball in the gap or down the line that leads to extra bases for the hitter there’s potential for one of the most exciting and entertaining plays in baseball; the relay. Many times when a relay is necessary there’s a momentum type of play happening. We could have a runner trying … More Relay Rules

Team Defense: Understanding the desired outcome

Recently, Stick and Ball TV hosted a zoom call to discuss team defense. The webinar was hosted by Jeremy “Sheets” Sheetinger, Head Coach of the Georgia-Gwinnett College Grizzlies. His guest speakers were Erik Bakich, Head Coach at the University of Michigan, and Kai Correa, Bench Coach for the San Francisco Giants and founder of the … More Team Defense: Understanding the desired outcome