Tag Play Timing

Tag plays at the bag aren’t exactly a sexy aspect of infield play, at least they aren’t unless you’re Javy Baez. Baez’s rise in popularity has shed light on the tag play as a play that can be exciting and impressive but above all else an important skill that well rounded infielders should master. There … More Tag Play Timing

Relay Rules

Any time there’s a ball in the gap or down the line that leads to extra bases for the hitter there’s potential for one of the most exciting and entertaining plays in baseball; the relay. Many times when a relay is necessary there’s a momentum type of play happening. We could have a runner trying … More Relay Rules

Everything You Need to Know About 2B Double Play Feeds

We’re back this week going around the diamond breaking down double play feeds. This week we’re going to focus on the feeds used by the second baseman. You can read about 3B feeds here and SS feeds here that we’ve discussed in previous weeks. Again, to reiterate from the last few weeks that these feeds … More Everything You Need to Know About 2B Double Play Feeds